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Qordata Rebrands Its Consulting Business Unit As Veraqor To Deliver Sustainable Growth


Qordata Inc., robust all-in-one data analytics and an integration start-up company has announced the rebranding and launch of its consulting business unit as “Veraqor,” with a focus on delivering innovative technology consulting in existing and new spaces. It reflects its ongoing commitment to implementing bold changes to deliver sustainable growth and enhanced value to its customers.

Qordata consulting services enable pharma, biotech and device companies to make the most of their data.

Veraqor inherits Qordata Consulting’s customers and experience in the life science, energy, retail, and manufacturing industries.

The company will work in a way that ensures companies implement data-driven decision-making across their business functions like compliance and marketing.

The word Veraqor derives from a Latin word, “vera,” in Latin, which means truth, and “qor” is derived from the word “core.” Combine these two and you get to the essence of their values: the commitment to helping businesses uncover and realize their true potential.

Veraqor’s Mission

Veraqor will continue to carry the mission “to serve humanity through meaningful technology solutions while pursuing excellence in a principled way.”

Staying true to its meaning, veraqor aims to become a driver of innovation across industries in technology solutions with absolute transparency and to have a significant impact on the way our clients view, analyze, and utilize the power of data, and analytics, cloud, and AI for optimal organizational performance.

CEO’s Message

CEO Mohammad Ovais will lead Veraqor with its headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey. The primary motivations behind this rebrand are innovation, excellence, and commitment to grow and become a leader in business intelligence, data management, and artificial intelligence.

Commenting on the rebranding, CEO Veraqor Mohammad Ovais, said, “In addition to our existing customers in the pharma, life sciences, energy, retail, and other sectors, we expect to work closely with companies across new industries to provide software and solutions that solve critical business problems.

With a targeted focus, we expect to drive growth and innovation and become the go-to partner for businesses of all sizes on data and information management.”

Customer’s View

Director Daymon Inc. Naveed Mohammad Abdul, endorsing the quality services of Qordata, said, “Our association with Qordata consulting has been for over a decade now. The entire team has shown immense commitment to cater to every need of ours. With the rebrand from Qordata consulting to ‘Veraqor,’ we are certain we will continue to receive the same kind of support and services that have been rendered thus far. Daymon would like to wish the absolute best to ‘Veraqor’ and looks forward to continuing the association for many years to come.”

Veraqor – Technology Consulting Firm

Veraqor is a technology consulting firm with expertise in data solutions across a multitude of companies and business verticals. Driven by our commitment to transparency and truth, we offer a variety of services such as Cloud Infrastructure & Management, Application Innovation, Data Estate Migration & Modernization to Azure, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Master Data Management, Cloud Scale Analytics, Modern Business Intelligence, AI & Machine Learning, and Internet of Things.

To get to know more about Veraqor, visit: https://www.veraqor.io/

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