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PTCL and Huawei Launch AirPON Solution Successfully

PTCL, the country's leading telecom and ICT services provider, has successfully installed Huawei Technologies' AirPON solution in its Fiber Access Network.



PTCL, the country’s leading telecom and ICT services provider, has successfully installed Huawei Technologies’ AirPON solution in its Fiber Access Network.

AirPON is a one-of-a-kind and novel Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) solution that uses current cellular mobile network infrastructure to increase fiber footprint. While lowering the total cost of ownership and shortening the time to market.

AirPON uses purpose-built pre-connectorized Optical Distribution Network (ODN) components to provide a unique, efficient and agile deployment. It reduces fieldwork through a plug-and-play method while dramatically enhancing installation quality.

The infrastructure available at cellular mobile sites is used for the field deployment of Optical Line Terminal (OLT) equipment to meet its housing, power, and transportation requirements.

This solution is another step forward on PTCL’s plan for addressing rapidly increasing consumer data traffic demands by expanding its Fiber Access Network in locations where deployment would otherwise be problematic.

“We look forward to elevating our customer experience. This happens via the use of cutting-edge technology and solutions,” stated Jafar Khalid, Group Chief Technology Officer, PTCL Group. In addition, PTCL and Huawei have reached a new milestone by effectively implementing the AirPON technology in our network.”

“We continue to invest in new technologies and solutions to upgrade our network. With a focus on accelerating the deployment of the high-speed fiber access network to the greatest number of consumers,” he continued.”And the AirPON solution will be a vital enabler in accomplishing this aim.”

“Huawei is always committed to working closely with PTCL Group.  To explore the correct solutions for addressing the growing business requirements,” said Ahmed Bilal Masud, Deputy CEO of Huawei Pakistan.

” Furthermore, our objective is to deliver new solutions to the PTCL Group. While committed to reducing deployment costs and time to market. This was possible through network simplification and upcoming technologies,” he added.

“We think that AirPON would pave the path for greater fiber coverage in the country. As well as help PTCL provide speedy internet services to its valued clients.”

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