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PTA is planning to introduce a ‘live finger detector’ to prevent SIM fraud

To banish silicon thumbs, PTA will implement a live finger detector (LFD) device.


A live finger detector (LFD) device will be implemented by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). To eliminate silicon thumbs and prevent the misuse of SIM cards in fraud and online crimes.

According to official papers from the Interior Ministry, it has been seen that criminals frequently employ numerous methods. To con unsuspecting individuals into giving their money to a fake bank account using social media networks.

Based on an analysis of the dynamic and static image properties of the fake fingers and how they can be distinguished from those of live fingers. Live finger detection (LFD) technology is used to detect real fingers. Simultaneously, Fake fingers may easily be differentiated from real fingers using an advanced analytic technique. To find anomalies in the dynamically changing pattern of fingerprint pictures. And many static aspects of the liveness or unnaturalness of fingers.

Live fingers exhibit changes in patterns of the area, intensity, and movement as they gradually make contact with the sensor surface. Whereas imitation fingers produce unnaturally changing patterns of divided regions. Partially dark areas, distorted boundary shapes, as well as significant core part movement. Additionally, that would aid in detecting fraud and phony fingerprints.
Moreover, mobile SIMs have been fraudulently activated using methods like silicon thumb impressions. And other approaches are the main tools utilized in these scams. Under Section 17 of the PECA-2016, the PTA has the responsibility to check and monitor illicit SIMs (unauthorized issuance of SIM cards).

Sections 13 (electronic forgery), 14 (electronic fraud), 16 (unauthorized use of identifying information).And 17 (issuance of unlawful SIMs) of the PECA-2016 deal with such acts.

In addition, the records further claimed that as an investigation agency, the FIA Cybercrime Wing (FIA-CCW) had taken significant action in these cases.

According to sections 13 and 14 of the PECA-2016, financial fraud is a crime. And the FIA-CCW has received 21,259 complaints against it this year. Furthermore, out of 21,259 complaints, 3,894 were turned into routine inquiries, 352 charges were filed, and 415 suspects were taken into custody. 3,894 inquiries, 652 cases, and 703 accused were detained in 2021 according to CCW.

33 cases were filed by CCW FIA this year, and 69 suspects were taken into custody. Under section 17 (issuance of unlawful SIMs) of the PECA-2016. 22 cases were registered in 2021, and 53 accused people were taken into custody.

Cases are filed against the owners/users of such SIMs in accordance with the applicable PECA-2016 regulations. In situations like franchise owners, etc., criminal actions are also started against the facilitator or aiding party.

Moreover, the records also stated that actions are taken against those who buy or sell silicon thumbs. To banish silicon thumbs, PTA will implement a live finger detector (LFD) device. For the purpose of locating and reporting to PTA to permanently disable the mobile device, an IMEI database has been kept.

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