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Professor Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman; our pride, establishing the education system


Pakistan is making great strides in improving its science and technology. Pakistan has always taken pride by producing great professionals from all fields of science, technology, sociology and business. Among many incredible scientists and professionals of Pakistan, Professor Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman tops the list. He was born on 22nd September 1942. He is a qualified FRS and FPAS scientist, specializing in organic chemistry. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman has been the Minister for science and technology for two years. Later, he served higher education commission of Pakistan as the Chairman for 6 years. In addition, he has also been a part of United Nation. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman served the UN Committee on science, technology and Innovation for UNESCAP.

Professor Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman received his early education from Karachi Grammar School in 1960. He studied B.Sc (Hons) and M.Sc (Hons) in organic chemistry. He was subsequently awarded a Doctorate of Science by University of Cambridge in 1987, a Doctorate of Education by Coventry University in 2007, a Doctorate of Science by Bradford University in 2010, and a Doctor of Philosophy by Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand in 2010. In addition, Professor Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman has also received civil awards such as ‘Sitaar-e-Imtiaz’.

Technology and science in education

Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman shares the examples of other small countries which have developed in a very short period of time only because of technology and innovation. While he was associated with HEC, he noticed that the whole culture and concept of higher education is fantasized. Our institutes focus on the infrastructure rather than on learning and curriculum. To counteract this, he initiated a program where universities were compelled to raise bar with their faculty members. Thousands of students from all across Pakistan were sent to study international degree programs. They also established a digital library so students can have access to numerous books and journals. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman also enclosed many universities that were not up to the mark of HEC standards. To sum up, he made HEC a reputable institute by his time. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman made as many changes and development that led to a stable educational environment.

The three dynamics

In 2004, Professor Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman raised a question in the national cabinet about the collaboration of education, science and technology to succeed economically. We have always been in the need of a road map that will guide our way to innovate and compete globally. Later, the cabinet formed a committee including people from different areas. The whole motive was to resolve the underlying problems of each an make the best use of these sectors to increase exports. Unfortunately, change of cabinet and government collapsed the initiative.

For Pakistan to transition to a knowledge-based economy, we have to understand three overlapping dynamics. Government policies which should enable an environment where the science and technology can flourish. Role of education, science and technology institutions which should ensure the quality of learning and knowledge. The third role of private sector is very crucial for any nation to succeed.

Dr.  Atta-ur-Rahman is collaborating with two universities; one in Austria and one in Italy. Our students can study from these universities without going abroad. The course will be based on science and technology. Moreover, they are also planning to setup technology parks in here.

Scientific Task force for covid’19

In addition to all of the endeavours of Professor. Atta-ur-Rahman, he is also serving the nation in regard of pandemic across the world. Pakistan’s ministry of information and technology has constituted a Scientific Task Force. This team will focus on research and develop a vaccine for corona virus COVID-19. The committee of Scientific Task Force on COVID-19 will be led by renowned scientist Prof Atta-ur-Rahman, the task force has been assigned the job to develop a vaccine for corona virus and conduct research on it as the cure of corona virus to date remain a mystery. The committee will work under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

TECH Pakistan is proud of Professor Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman and wishes to follow step succeed and work for the nation.

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