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Poultry sector demands to remove all taxes

Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) demanded to remove all duties and sales tax on the import of raw materials, chemicals, and machinery

Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) has asked the government to remove all duties and sales tax on the import of raw materials, chemicals, and machinery used in the production of primary food.

The association has demanded that the government should remove sales tax on grain, meat, eggs, milk, fish, vegetables, fruits, and edible oil.

“Government should keep the sector sales tax-free, in fact, all primary food should be sales tax-free,” said PPA Chairman Abdul Karim at a press conference on Monday.

The poultry sector had suffered losses over the last five years owing to the rise in farming costs due to multiple factors including the increase in feed cost, rupee devaluation, heavy energy bills, and high bank discount rates.

As a result, “All segments of the poultry business met with huge financial losses. And the entire sector lost its working capital during the said period.”

Besides, Covid-19 has hit hard the poultry enterprises in recent years. They were already struggling to keep their business afloat, Karim said.

PPA chairman pointed out that export of poultry products had also dropped considerably due to high input costs. “The situation has worsened due to a sudden increase in petroleum prices and rupee devaluation coupled with prolonged load-shedding.”

Poultry farmers “have off and on sought the attention of policymakers to the worsening situation. But somehow the policymakers are under the delusion that the sector will recover automatically”, he added.

He underlined the need for reviving the poultry sector to save the country from serious food security issues.

“PPA has urged government departments many a time, but no one has taken any step to address the issues. Poultry farming cost has gone up more than 200% in the last five years,” he said.

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