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Post Covid is Effecting Dell and Apple in 2022

Covid 19

Covid-19 is still in its grip on China and is causing growing industrial problems in the region to this day. As such, Covid 19  lockdowns in Shanghai and Kanshan are halting work or forcing suppliers of Dell, Apple, and Tesla to do limited work. Last month, a major tech center in Shanghai had to go into lockdown, forcing employees to stay home or go through inspection cycles.

As a result, basic computer hardware manufacturing facilities needed to temporarily suspend production. Fortunately, large manufacturers like Foxconn were able to come up with an immediate solution. The company has set up private offices at key locations so that employees can stay around during lockdown hours.

Only a limited number of workers were allowed to enter these private offices. But this week, the Chinese government imposed even tougher sanctions on major manufacturers to curb their activities. These manufacturers include Pegatron, Quanta, Compal, and more. Pegatron is responsible for more than 20 to 30% of Apple’s iPhones.

The company says it is in contact with suppliers and clients and wants to continue working as soon as possible. Quanta, the company that makes MacBooks and other laptops for big brands like HP and Dell, have been operating at a significantly lower capacity since the beginning of the month. As a result, we may once again have to go through another period of rising prices and the limited availability of laptops.

This can lead to more problems that are being addressed on various issues

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