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PIAIC, all set to level up the Tech culture of Pakistan


‘Who ever becomes the leader of AI will own the world’- Elon Musk

Not to question, the rising importance and power of Artificial intelligence in today’s world. All developed countries are focusing on AI to open up the futuristic opportunities. Similarly, Presidential initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Computing (PIAIC) is a big step taken by President Dr. Arif Alvi to level up the tech culture of Pakistan. He launched this program in December 2018 to transform the entire education system and make our students well-versed with the growing and trending technologies. For the past years, the AI and other technologies are growing at an expeditious rate. Conversely, the countries who are not driving this transformation in the needed manner are lagging behind. Mr. President has launched this program with the aim to provide a hub for education, skill learning and research.

Kazi Rahat Ali, who is the General Secretary of PIAIC is the man behind whole inspiration of bringing data science in our education system. He is a successful entrepreneur and has witnessed economic development of countries using machine learning and data science. The entire course outline has been planned and guided by Mr. Zia Khan, CEO of Panacloud. The curriculum will be in respect of Artificial Intelligence or machine learning, data science, cloud computing, 3D printing, quantum, DevOps, Innovation, Block Chain and Internet of things (IoT).

PIAIC- A Hybrid model:

It is a malleable education system based on a hybrid model and a quarter system where each program has about 4-5 quarters. This multifaceted, hybrid, and innovation-based education structure is a rare opportunity. In addition, this initiative has women empowerment division which is encouraging female enrollment. To ensure merit system on fair basis, PIAIC conducts an entrance test. Altogether, they received 38000 applicants from Karachi, 18000 from Islamabad, 10000 from Faisalabad and 3000 from Sialkot in 2020 for the programs. Only the top candidates get the opportunity to be a part of this initiative, in their desired programs.

SO far, PIAIC has been successful of enrolling 22,000 students. The graduates of PIAIC have been adding value to the industry and thus to the economy. Most of the students have who conceived this course are either running their own software houses or are working as freelancers. Not just the earning but these students are able to make competent Pakistani products. These products will scrap the need of importing software products.

In the age of information, the traditional education structure seems increasingly archaic. PIAIC is the much-needed platform to make our students compatible with the global world. In addition, it will create an environment where companies from different parts of the world will come to Pakistan for services and products. However, It’s not an easy path forward but it is also a new world of new learners.

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