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PepsiCo, Saaf Suthra Pakistan Collaborate for a Recycling Project in the Twin Cities


In a bid to save the environment, PepsiCo Pakistan and Saaf Suthra Shehar have joined hands to play their role in recycling and keeping the environment clean. The partnership has developed an easy method to recycle plastic through a simple method. People who register for this program can receive a 19-liter free refill Aquafina bottle in exchange for 10 plastic bottles. You may submit plastic bottles of any brand and they will be accepted. These bottles are then sent to the recycling facility.

The recycling solution provides a convenient method for citizens to put use to their plastic bottles and receive compensation in return. It also invokes the spirit of responsibility amongst the people for disposing of their own trash. The program comes under the ‘Recycle for Tomorrow’ campaign which was initiated this year. PepsiCo promised to recycle 4,750 tons of plastic this year.

In the same spirit, PepsiCo installed the first reverse vending machine in the capital city. The vending machine was installed in Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad. People who deposit their bottles in it can get vouchers to the local eateries. Read more about it here.

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