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Pau-Pau: foodpanda introduces a first-of-its-kind brand ambassador

Pau-Pau will lead Foodpanda's entry into the ever-changing, lively, and media environments.

Pau-Pau is unveiled to be the new face of foodpanda in order to better connect with millions of users across Asia, offering a fresh and dynamic user experience to the site.

The new character, Pau-Pau reflects the joyful, friendly, and energetic nature of foodpanda. And is also concerned with empowerment and the environment.

Pau-Pau will be available across all foodpanda touchpoints, including the app, digital and social media, and out-of-home activations.


To honor more than 5 years in Pakistan and 10 years across APAC as Asia’s first food and grocery delivery platform, foodpanda unveiled a new face for the company – Pau-Pau!

Pau-Pau, a free-spirited and fun-loving panda, is a first-of-its-kind brand ambassador, supporting empowerment and sustainability throughout the area.

Pau’s as a foodpanda brand ambassador will be fully realized, from his own language and tale to a whole set of principles such as environmental stewardship, empowerment, and the belief in living life on one’s own terms. With Pau-Pau, foodpanda has built a personable personality that can better connect with millions of people across Asia.

The pink panda originally appeared in Japan, Taiwan, and Cambodia in December 2021, and has since spread to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Laos, the Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and now Pakistan.

Pau-Pau will lead Foodpanda’s entry into the ever-changing, lively, and media environments.


Foodpanda increases its digital marketing goals beyond traditional channels by presenting a new personality that perfectly reflects the company. Customers may now discover Pau-Pau as emojis, stickers, and filters on the WhatsApp and Instagram apps for vibrant interaction, freedom of expression, and communication.

The new character will gradually roll out across all foodpanda channels and interfaces, including the app and website, as well as digital and social media platforms, out-of-home activations, and more.

“As foodpanda becomes a partner in our daily lives, we want Pau-Pau to be an inspiration for individuals to enjoy life on their own terms and to the fullest,” said foodpanda CEO Muntaqa Peracha. ”

“Pau-Pau represents and brings the foodpanda spirit to life. It assists our communities in reimagining how they use delivery, bringing brightness and excitement to their lives. It thrills us that our consumers will finally meet Pau-Pau!” he said.

Pau-Pau is most enthusiastic about three things. Empowerment and living life on one’s own terms; the environment, as foodpanda’s sustainability champion; and food and enjoyment. Foodpanda, as a platform, enables convenience for customers, freeing up their valuable time by making it simpler to get food. And groceries that deliver swiftly and 24/7.

Pau-Pau builds on foodpanda’s last brand makeover. Which saw the company revitalize its image with new graphics and a more vivid color palette throughout its design touchpoints. As well as a more pleasant user experience as the platform extends beyond food delivery.

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