Home Press Release ‘Pandafly’- Food Panda’s Food Drone Delivery Trial a Success

‘Pandafly’- Food Panda’s Food Drone Delivery Trial a Success


Pakistan’s leading food delivery company, Foodpanda recently launched their pilot project for food drone delivery which turned out to be a success. The launch was done F-9 Park Islamabad and was conducted in the presence of Deputy Commissioner Islamabad who also took the matter on his Twitter.

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The food package weighed around 2.5kg was picked up from a restaurant at one end of the F-9 park and was loaded into the drone’s storage bag. The drone then flew to the other end of the park to deliver the package where it was collected by another rider. The food was then distributed among children invited from ‘Sweet Homes’.

Foodpanda has proven the use of disruptive technology to make food deliveries faster and more convenient. This service is especially beneficial for those Foodpanda customers who live in remote areas and their delivery options are limited. It is also worth mentioning that the last mile of the food drone delivery with be conducted by a rider in the vicinity. This is the first time that a commercial drone has been used for making food deliveries.

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