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Pakistani Miniature Artist Develops World’s Smallest Vacuum Cleaner


The renowned miniature artist, Ahsan Qayyum, has recently been acknowledged by the Guinness World Records to develop the smallest vacuum cleaner. The artist is already known doe his art with pencils and pencil leads. He did something completely out of the box this time which was to carve the inside of the pencils wood and he placed the machinery of the vacuum within it.


According to Ahsan, his vacuum is completely operational, he said regarding his machine,

“It is totally operational. It is an electrically powered device, which pulls debris/dust inside it through suction resulting from negative internal pressure.”

He further added,

“I executed my attempt on making a vacuum cleaner as small as 1.9 centimeters, considering the Indian record of a 2.9cm vacuum cleaner.”

Ahsan’s first attempt was to make a 1.9 cm long vacuum cleaner. However, the response from the Guinness World Records took three months. During that time an Indian artist broke the record by developing a 1.7cm vacuum cleaner.  To eat the record again, Ahsan developed a 1.46cm which was again beaten by a margin of 0.06cm. His last attempt was to make one with a size of 1.3cm which has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s smallest vacuum.

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