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Pakistani entrepreneur’s Web3 Metaschool has enrolled over 120,000 developers

Fatima Rizwan, a seasoned software developer, and businesswoman founded Metaschool.


In barely 11 months since its introduction, Metaschool, a top web3 edtech platform for developers, has reported reaching 120,000 registered developers.

Additionally, approximately 30,000 developers have enrolled in this Pakistani company’s well-known Ethereum Learning Track classes.

Fatima Rizwan, a seasoned software developer, and businesswoman, founded Metaschool.
A web3 edtech platform for programmers. For developers looking to learn more about web3 technologies and hone their abilities, the platform provides a variety of online courses and tools.

The platform gives developers access to a variety of online training programs and tools to advance their knowledge of web3 technologies like blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi).

The practical and hands-on nature of the training enables developers to swiftly apply their learning to actual projects.

Fatima Rizwan said, “We are happy to have reached 120,000 registered developers in just 11 months.” “Our objective is to equip developers with the abilities and information they need to thrive in the quickly expanding web3 arena, and we are witnessing enormous demand for our courses, particularly our Ethereum Learning Track. We are thrilled to carry on offering the developer community a top-notch education and assistance.

Numerous leading industry professionals have joined Metaschool as instructors, and they offer students knowledgeable direction and support throughout their courses.

For developers to connect with one another and exchange knowledge and experiences, the platform also provides a variety of community-driven resources like forums, meetups, and hackathons.

Furthermore, according to Rizwan, “We think that the web3 space has the potential to revolutionize a lot of Pakistani industries, from finance and healthcare to supply chain and gaming. And we are looking forward to giving programmers the resources and tools they require to create the upcoming wave of web3 applications.

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