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Pakistani Edtech Chiragh succeeds greatly in Morocco

By 2025, A-Hub, a worldwide accelerator, wants to assist 150 or more technologically innovative businesses in member states.


Chiragh Education Technologies from Pakistan outperformed 17 other firms to win first place and $10,000 at the inaugural A-Hub Grand Finals in Rabat, Morocco.

The national leader for A-Hub in Pakistan has been named by the Islamic World Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), in collaboration with New Space Innovation. By 2025, A-Hub, a worldwide accelerator, wants to assist 150 or more technologically innovative businesses in member states.
Maira Siddiqui, the founder, and CEO of Chiragh, made the following remarks:

I’ve been chanting a self-made mantra since I started Chiragh in Jan’22. ‘If you have good intentions, set sail for your journey, and Allah will open doors for you himself’. After 11 months of sweat, tears, and hustle, Alhamdulillah I can finally see this mantra materializing. And I’m so thankful to Allah and every individual who supports me along this Journey.

Shed said, “Just representing Pakistan in Morocco was such a privilege for me. And actually winning ICESCO’s International Pitch Fest elevates it to the next level where Chiragh. And I have a stamp of international validity; it’s the big leagues now. I’m overjoyed at the possibilities this will bring us. Bringing me one step closer to realizing my dream of a Parha Likha Pakistan.

Additionally, the program was created and carried out by Katalyst Labs with an eye toward the short-term objectives of early-stage entrepreneurs. Jehan Ara, the organization’s founder, and CEO, spoke on the significance of the victory while supporting their businesses at the Grand Finals.

“Becoming the national lead for A-Hub was a privilege for us at Katalyst Labs. And seeing one of our cohort founders take home first prize was truly rewarding for myself and our programs team at home. It was with great pride that I watched all 3 of our founders pitch their startup businesses and handle questions from the jury with confidence and professionalism. Participation is not just about winning. It is about projecting the strong image of the Pakistani startup ecosystem and the solutions that young people are coming up with. It is also about networking and connecting with people from all the countries that are present. The delegation from Pakistan did just that.”


“At Katalyst Labs, our goal was always to highlight the extraordinary startup potential in Pakistan. And I hope that through programs like A-hub, we can keep doing that,” she added.

Porter Pakistan, Airnex, and Chiragh Education Technologies were the three startups to advance through Katalyst Labs’ A-Hub National pitchfest. And were given the opportunity to present to a global jury of investors. Several outstanding businesses from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria competed against the Pakistanis.

Moreover, each member state conducted a 3-month acceleration to test the mettle of its cohorts. At the completion of the program, each member state selected 3 startups to present at the Moroccan grand finals.

Furthermore, with gamified and video-based learning covers the curriculum from kindergarten to grade five in both English and the native languages of Pakistan. Chiragh Education Technologies empowers the general public.

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