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Pakistan & Turkey to promote bilateral trade

Pakistan & Turkey will constitute a Joint Task Force to promote bilateral trade by solving the trade issues. 

Pakistan & Turkey will constitute a Joint Task Force to promote bilateral trade.

Pakistan and Turkey will constitute a Joint Task Force under the coordination of their commerce and trade ministries to develop a comprehensive roadmap, covering the issues connected to bilateral trade.

This was agreed upon in a meeting between Prime Minister Shehbaz and Turkish Minister of Trade Dr. Mehmet Mus in Ankara. The Joint Task Force under the Turkish Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Commerce, Pakistan will cover areas including logistics, banking, customs, and agriculture.

During the meeting, the prime minister underscored the importance of deepening economic engagement and realizing the true potential of the business/trade, and investment between Pakistan and Turkey.

He noted that his visit to Turkey included engagement with the Turkish business community in order to focus on strengthening business and investment relations.

Underlining the need to increase bilateral business. Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif highlighted the importance of the early finalization of the business in the Goods Agreement. Which would open up new opportunities to boost bilateral trade across various sectors. Eventually, it will benefit both economies and countries.

The prime minister also focused on the connectivity project between Pakistan and Turkey. Like Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI) Cargo Train. Which would provide additional avenues for the traders on both sides. As a result, to conduct business efficiently and expeditiously.

He underlined that the business community from both sides, must expand their networking and explore new opportunities for joint ventures.

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