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Pakistan to Host Its First Asia-Pacific ICT Awards

Pakistan will have the chance to establish its strategic case for "Make in Pakistan" by hosting the APICTA awards.

As of this year, Pakistan will officially host the APICTA Awards, according to the Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) and the Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA).

In this respect, the APICTA Executive Committee convened in Islamabad with representatives from 16 member nations. The members were informed that Pakistan has earned the right to host the APICTA Awards, making this event momentous for the nation’s IT sector.

While praising Pakistan for recognizing brilliance, APICTA Chairman Jit Sing Santok Singh noted that he anticipates additional chances. As a consequence of Pakistan’s experience acquired from hosting the awards. He continued, “I’m looking forward to a terrific event and I’m hoping this will be an experience worth remembering.”

The region’s APICTA Awards, according to P@SHA Chairman Badar Khushnood, are the “Oscars of IT.” Furthermore, he said that as Pakistan moves from an industrial to a knowledge-based economy, now is the ideal moment. To exhibit to the world the country’s digital and technological ability.

Additionally, a group of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) communities, the Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) was established by member nations in the area. Through an annual awards program called the APICTA Awards. The communities unite in the spirit of cooperation to create a cooperative network to support technological innovation. And the creation of domestic ICT solutions for the global market.

Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam are among the 16 economies that now make up the group.

Since they were originally presented in 2001, the APICTA Awards have demonstrated their value in advancing local and regional economies. Previous occurrences have previously provided qualified Pakistani IT businesses with significant commercial prospects.

Moreover, Pakistan will have the chance to establish its strategic case for “Make in Pakistan” by hosting the APICTA awards. Most APICTA delegations will be making their first trips to Pakistan. For the five-day conference, at least 200 foreign participants are anticipated, including IT executives, business owners, decision-makers, diplomats, researchers, and students.

In addition, only those who have earned a spot in other awards competitions run by the authorized representative of each member nation are eligible for the APICTA Awards. The sole route for Pakistani IT businesses, startups, and students to apply for APICTA Awards is through P@SHA. The guidelines for jurors are quite strict. There is a developed judgment system advising judges to ensure that the verdicts are unbiased.

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