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Pakistan Telecommunication Employees Trust Appoints Syed Mazhar Hussain as new Managing Director


Pakistan Telecommunication Employees Trust (PTET), one of the largest corporate funds operating in Pakistan, has appointed Syed Mazhar Hussain as the new Managing Director, aiming to manage key responsibilities of the organization.

Syed Mazhar Hussain will be officiating as the new Managing Director for the organization, where he will be responsible for strategic planning, day-to-day operations, and organizational culture, the service reported.

With the new responsibility, he is given the opportunity to serve the huge family of more than 40,000 PTCL pensioners in accordance with best HR practices and policies from the government and PTCL’s board.

Prior to joining PTET, Hussain held C-level positions in organizations operating across Human Resource Management, Finance, Treasury, Procurement, and Corporate Affairs.

He was previously the Chief Human Resource Officer at PTCL and Ufone and led the organization’s HR, Admin, and Security functions for 14 years. He successfully spearheaded the transformational journey of building an agile HR Function at PTCL with a series of remarkable initiatives for surmounting the most challenging HR issues.

He also headed the Procurement Function of PTCL for around five years. Recently, he has been given the role of Advisor to President & GCEO PTCL Group to work on different important assignments and projects, which he will continue.

Before joining PTCL, he had worked in the hospitality industry in various important roles.

According to the latest data, the size of the fund is Rs. 130 billion, invested broadly in national saving schemes, deposits with banks and real estate to generate maximum returns with the least risk.

To learn more about PTET, Visit: www.ptet.com.pk

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