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Pakistan Rises on the Global Innovation Index by 8 Positions


Out of 132 countries, Pakistan has now landed a position of 99 on the Global Innovation Index (GII). The ranking is based on the innovation capabilities of countries around the world. Moreover, Pakistan ranks as the 7th country in the ten economies of Central and Southern Asia. Pakistan scored 107 last year. Whereas, in 2019 it was at 105th position. 

The Global Innovation Index is published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and is a specialized agency of the United Nations. The GII is based on several factors, it is essentially based on the fact that innovation is a key driver of economic development. The index has cemented itself as an authoritative measure of innovation and a “tool for action” that economies can refer to for their innovation agendas. 

The GII report stated,

Pakistan ranks 17th among the 34 lower middle-income group economies, Pakistan ranks 7th among the 10 economies in Central and Southern Asia. 

The report also explained Pakistan had performed above the lower-middle-income group average in four areas including, institutions, business sophistication, knowledge and technology outputs, and creative outputs.  It has also been concluded that within Central and Southern Asia, Pakistan performed above the regional average in the same areas mentioned above.

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