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Pakistan Emerges as Manpower Export Leader, Beats India and Bangladesh


The global pandemic has gripped the entire world into a state of frenzy. The virus has had a devastating impact on the economy of countries globally. Moreover, due to the travel restriction in place there inter-country traveling has become limited. Despite the restrictions, Pakistan has been able to emerge as the ‘Manpower Export Leader’, beating Bangladesh and India.

Pakistan has been able to send 224,705 workers abroad during the last year. Whereas, Bangladesh has sent 217,699 workers to different countries and India has sent 94,145 workers abroad for employment purposes.

This was confirmed by the Pakistan Economic Survey which was launched last week. According to the survey, more than 11 million Pakistanis have traveled for work purposes. The survey also says that almost 96% of the workforce is employed in the Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Dubai. Out of the total, 136,339 people went to Saudi Arabia, 53,676 to the UAE, 10,336 to Oman, and the rest went to other countries. The government of Pakistanis constantly trying to create job opportunities for Pakistanis in job markets around the world.

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The increase in the number of Pakistani workers employed abroad has also increased the remittances received over the past 15 months or so.

According to the central bank,

“Remittances received during May 2021 amounted to $2.5bn, which is 33.5pc higher than the same month last year. These were also higher than the monthly average of $2.4bn during July-April in the fiscal year 2020-21.”

The remittance flow is mostly seen from Saudi Arabia, UAE, United Kingdom, and the US.

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