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OpenAI raises Concerns over EU AI Regulations


OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed concerns on Wednesday that if OpenAI couldn’t comply with the upcoming regulations on artificial intelligence (AI) set by the European Union (EU), the company might consider leaving Europe.

The EU is in the process of developing what could become the first global set of rules governing AI. According to the draft, companies deploying generative AI tools, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT, would be required to disclose any copyrighted material used in the development of their systems.

Altman stated during an event in London that before contemplating a withdrawal, OpenAI would make efforts to comply with the regulations once they are established in Europe. He mentioned that the current draft of the EU AI Act appears to be overly regulated. But there are indications that it may be revised. Altman noted that discussions are still ongoing.

Earlier this month, EU parliamentarians reached a consensus on the draft of the act. The final details of the bill will now be debated. Among the representatives of the Parliament, the Council, and the Commission.

Altman highlighted that there are several areas where improvements can be made. Such as revising the definition of general-purpose AI systems. This category, proposed by lawmakers, aims to encompass AI tools with multiple applications, including generative AI models like Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.

The outcome of the ongoing debates and revisions to the EU AI Act will determine OpenAI’s future in Europe. Altman emphasized the importance of finding the right balance between regulation and fostering innovation in the AI sector.

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