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OctaFX announces visual rebranding


OctaFX has adopted a fresh new look with refined colors, space-inspired elements, and a new logo to become even closer to its clients.

The main concept behind the rebranding reflects the broker’s mission: OctaFX exists to ensure everyone can achieve their investment goals.

“We picture goals as stars in the broad universe of finance. Each one represents a unique combination of the needs and desires of a particular person. The journey towards the investment goal isn’t always easy—there are many obstacles on the way,” the OctaFX press office commented.

“To overcome them, traders need an optimal set of both analytical and financial instruments, as well as a reliable partner. We are here to provide them with everything necessary to make effective trading decisions and achieve their investment goals. All the elements of our new design system convey this message in a simple, yet illustrative way,” the press office added.

Moreover, the two orbits forming OctaFX’s new logo reflect the all-encompassing support it provides for traders on the journey towards their goals. The orbits cross each other to create the word ‘fx’ that highlights an important part of the company name.

The elements constituting the new visual identity are all built around center-oriented forces and objects, such as orbits and rays, reflecting the broker’s continued focus on the investment goals of its clients.

The color palette of deep blues and intense oranges gives vibrancy to the new brand design; emphasizing confidence, dynamism, and readiness to change.

Furthermore, the financial world is changing rapidly. New challenges emerge every day. And OctaFX is ready to evolve and transform in response, all to meet and exceed the expectations of its clients. The new branding was created to express that.

Over more than a decade, OctaFX has managed to accomplish numerous achievements. Today, clients from over 150 countries have opened more than 12 million trading accounts with the broker.

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