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NUST Graduate Develop Human-Like Robot


A 28-year-old NUST graduate belonging from Multan has recently developed a robot that functions like a human. Usama Aziz is extremely passionate about robots, he describes his passion as:

“Humanoid robots are the most difficult robots to make because the human structure is complex and very difficult to replicate”, he also added, “There are individual finger control elements, which means I can individually control its fingers as well as the elbow, wrist, shoulders and all the joints separately. It is very complex.”

Although Aziz’s robot is still in a developing stage, it still displays human-like abilities. In 2016, the young engineer designed a food serving robot but its arms could not move. This time, Aziz has used a 3-D printer to influence his robot design.

“The number one benefit (of 3-D printing) is that it is very accurate, all the parts of the robot once developed can be replicated with exact dimensions, exact sizes, exact parameters, without any changing, without any difficulty it can be replicated,” he said.

Aziz has also shared all information pertaining to his design on his website and encourages those to use this information who want to build their own robot. He also believes that the robotic industry has a bright future in Pakistan due to the support of organizations like the National Centre of Robotics and Automation (NCRA). Usama Aziz also won NCRA’s Robotics Start-Up Challenge competition and a prize of Rs300,000 in 2020.

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