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NIFT ePay & KuickPay partner for Digital Payments


KuickPay and NIFT ePay have joined hands to amplify digital payments nationwide. The agreement was signed by Haider Wahab, CEO of NIFT, and Saqib Ali Kazmi, CEO of KuickPay.

This important partnership enables NIFT ePay to access KuickPay’s 500+ merchant base, opening doors for an extended reach in the market and expansion in the diverse categories of merchants such as schools, housing societies, universities, and e-commerce.

On the other side, KuickPay will earn NIFT ePay’s expertise with its unified payment gateway and digital payment services, bolstering the narrative of enabling growth for both companies and the allied ecosystem.

Initiatives and such collaborations as this are healthy indicators of the growing Fintech space. It enables the masses to pay digitally using various payment instruments such as their bank accounts, credit/debit cards, and online wallets in a secure manner.

KuickPay has been at the forefront of digital payments since 2017, is the nation’s largest online payment solution serving thousands of users, facilitating merchants with their one-in-all solution of end-to-end bill payment, collection, and settlement for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

NIFT ePay is a Digital Payment Service Provider (PSO/PSP), approved and licensed by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). It provides a convenient and secure unified digital payment platform allowing consumers to make digital transactions via any bank account in Pakistan.

It enables transactions using other digital payment instruments available in Pakistan such as debit/credit cards and digital wallets to pay for any online purchases through a growing network of merchants, businesses, participating banks, and other financial institutions.

Saqib Ali Kazmi, CEO KuickPay, said, “Kuickpay is excited to partner with NIFT. This collaboration will add diversity to KuickPay’s payment suite. KuickPay focuses on providing ease to customers and hence focuses on customer experience & providing different payment platforms under KuickPay’s umbrella. We wish to extend this relationship for all our merchants to provide a seamless payment experience to our customers.”

Haider Wahab CEO of NIFT, commented, “We are very happy and thrilled to partner with KuickPay and in bringing together two established service providers giving access to hundreds of merchants through the unified payment platform. NIFT ePay is making significant gains in the Fintech space with an attractive portfolio of enriched products and services.”

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