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Netflix is looking into cloud gaming

As it seeks to increase its game catalog and draw gamers, Netflix may be investigating cloud gaming.


In a recent job posting, Netflix highlighted cloud gaming experts. This raises the possibility that the business is considering a new direction.

According to Protocol, the job posting was looking for a security product manager with experience dealing with the difficulties associated with cloud gaming, an engineer who could assist Netflix’s cloud gaming business, as well as a few other individuals.

Netflix will be able to expand beyond mobile and into TV and PC games. Without relying on game consoles by launching a cloud gaming service.

The business stated, “We are always searching for excellent talent to join our teams and are continuously exploring new product opportunities to enhance our member experience,” in a conversation with TechCrunch. At this moment, we have nothing additional to say.

According to Apptopia, less than 1% of Netflix customers play the company’s mobile games, yet despite this, the site has added “Into the Breach” and “Before Your Eyes” to its collection of games.

Since cloud gaming eliminates the need to purchase expensive gear, it has grown in popularity among gamers. According to Research, the size of the worldwide cloud gaming industry is anticipated to reach $20.94 billion by 2030.

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