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NayaPay Partners CodeGirls


As the world is becoming more and more technologically advanced there is still not enough representation of females in the technology sector, especially in a country like Pakistan. Consequently, there are fewer girls who opt for a career in this field. In a bid to promote girls in the technological sector, NayaPay has recently partnered with CodeGirls to offer a boot camp that will help inspire young girls and provide them with the necessary business skills and coding expertise. The aim of the program is to empower these girls to start their coding careers and become financially independent.

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NayaPay believes in equal representation at their organization. By collaborating with CodeGirls, NayaPay plans to curate even more apprentice opportunities for females and help them acquire permanent positions in their company as well. The company believes that helping females develop their career paths while they juggle their homes and business is crucial. By providing facilities like daycare centers to children can help build an appropriate work-life balance.

CodeGirls was developed to involve more and more girls in the technology sector so that they can explore their full potential and be hired by tech-based companies.

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