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NASA launches nanosatellite to return to the Moon


NASA blasted a nanosatellite barely bigger than a microwave oven into outer space, part of a landmark mission to return humans to the Moon.

A rocket carrying the tiny CAPSTONE module successfully launched from New Zealand’s eastern Mahia Peninsula to a deafening blast and a wash of fiery propulsion.

“We have liftoff!”
NASA said in a statement shortly after the 09:55 GMT launch. Bradley Smith described this, who is NASA’s director of launch services, as “absolutely fantastic.”

“This incredible team has just sent CAPSTONE on a ballistic trajectory to the lunar orbit,” he said.

All being well, in four months CAPSTONE will be in a position to begin innovative surfboard-shaped “near rectilinear halo orbits” around the Moon.

The satellite weighs about as much as a suitcase. The satellite is trial-running an orbit for NASA’s “Gateway” space station. Which will travel around the Moon and serve as a jumping-off point for lunar exploration.

In conclusion, The orbit passes within 1,000 miles, which makes 1,600 kilometers, of the Moon at its closest point. Before catapulting to 43,500 miles, which makes 70,000 kilometers, away at the furthest.

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