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Motorola is teasing a futuristic phone that rolls up

In a quick demonstration film, the "proof of concept" is not folded; rather, it rolls.


In a brief video demonstration at parent firm Lenovo’s Tech World 2022 event, Motorola showcases a rollable cell phone. The screen expands and contracts as a button are pressed, and a moving wallpaper moves along with it.

Only the front of the gadget is visible in the demo video, and it appears that the screen wraps around the phone, rolling up from the bottom edge. This idea seems to be on the “functioning” end of the spectrum, at least as far as prototypes go; the screen at least has symbols for battery and cellular indicators. A flexible OLED panel, measuring 6.5 inches when fully stretched and “just over” 4 inches when fully collapsed, makes up the rolling display.


Motorola isn’t currently offering any additional information about it. It’s uncertain when it will be commercialized, and flexible concepts aren’t exactly having a great year right now. Over the past few years, TCL has teased numerous flexible gadgets. But has yet to release a product that will be successful on the market. Although LG’s rollable prototype was the closest to the market, we all know how that turned out. Sincerely, we’d be content with Motorola’s 2022 Razr foldable smartphone, which will only be available in China.

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