Home Business MMBL teams up with TPS To increase business agility and digital readiness

MMBL teams up with TPS To increase business agility and digital readiness

MMBL is one of a select few microfinance banks using both traditional and digital ways


In order to increase company agility and digital readiness, Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited (MMBL) has entered into a strategic relationship with a renowned worldwide banking solution supplier, TPS.

Through this agreement, MMBL is committed to modernizing its digital payments infrastructure and stepping up its efforts to expand financial inclusion among the underbanked and unbanked.

The VEON company, a worldwide digital operator that offers integrated connectivity and online services across seven countries, includes Mobilink Microfinance Bank.

Senior management from both businesses was present as the President and CEO of MMBL, Ghazanfar Azzam, and Group CEO of TPS, Shahzad Shahid, signed the collaboration agreement at MMBL Headquarters in Islamabad.

Through the provision of a variety of digital banking solutions, the cooperation will advance MMBL’s goal of enhancing its digital infrastructure in order to satisfy the changing banking and financial needs of both its individual and enterprise customers.

Real-time fund transfers, quick and secure login, contactless payments, bulk payments, service requests, ATM/branch locator, and other features are among these options.

According to the deal, TPS will give MMBL access to a cutting-edge digital banking suite that will allow numerous channels to integrate into a single platform.

In order to offer a unified and smooth client experience, the suite will function as an open Application Programming Interface (API) gateway, hosting numerous banking and payment platforms and acting as a high-speed channel and transaction processing engine.

President and CEO of MMBL, Ghazanfar Azzam, spoke at the event and said, “Digital technology is evolving to create greater ease and convenience for its consumers. Given the importance of technology to development and success, MMBL is eager to keep up with this rapid shift in order to provide our clients with an excellent user experience.”
In addition to accelerating our efforts to promote financial inclusion in the nation, he continued, “our partnership with TPS is an extension of the same commitment where we are looking to integrate the best solutions available in the market into our system to further improve our customers’ banking experiences with us.”

MMBL is one of a select few microfinance banks using both traditional and digital ways for faster and more sustainable growth, according to the Group CEO of TPS Shahzad Shahid.

The IRIS Digital Banking Platform project will undoubtedly hasten the bank’s development toward more agility and digital responsiveness, he continued. “We feel honored to be the technological partners of the Bank in many of its successful digital payment programs,” he said.

One of the nation’s foremost advocates of financial inclusion and digital banking is MMBL. One of the bank’s top strategic focuses, banking the unbanked, especially women, has resulted in a number of women-owned and -led companies around the country.

The Bank commits to changing the digital banking ecosystem by fostering an inclusive atmosphere that provides all of its customers with quick, secure, and safe services.

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