Home Business MMBL CFDO Emphasizes Fintech’s Influence at GITEX Global 2022

MMBL CFDO Emphasizes Fintech’s Influence at GITEX Global 2022

MMBL is still dedicated to boosting access to financial services and closing Pakistan's persistent financial gaps.


Sardar Mohammad Abubakr, the Chief Finance and Digital Officer (CFDO) of Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited (MMBL), presented on Fintech Surge: ESG & Fintech – Society, Inclusion, & the Environment at GITEX GLOBAL 2022, which took place at the Dubai World Trade Center during the second week of October.

The greatest tech expo in the world, GITEX GLOBAL, brings together the most powerful ecosystems to advance business, the economy, society, and culture via the sheer force of innovation.

Sardar Abubakr emphasized the importance of acknowledging the significant advancements Pakistan has made in digitization throughout his speech.

The non-financial variables, such as the environment, social issues, and governance, are essential to the sustainability of the fintech sector. Therefore these should be taken into account to start long-term growth with lower risks, according to Abubakr. In order for corporations to effectively integrate themselves into the societies, they operate in. He also underlined the need for them to maintain compliance with social and environmental laws.

Sardar Abubakr gave the following example of his company: “MMBL commits all efforts with sustainability and customer-centricity in the forefront.”

“The Bank seeks to accelerate positive social change by providing access to specialized digital and financial product offerings. While also giving financial inclusion to excluded groups, especially women and rural communities. This is done not only through microcredit but also through specialized training. We are using digital technology, which is a wonderful equalizer and enabler, to holistically empower the populace.

He continued by saying that because of the problems posed by climate change and sustainability, the world is going through enormous changes. As a result, businesses need to be more responsible and compassionate. In order to produce shared value for both themselves and the communities they serve.

As a market pioneer, MMBL works to enable the underbanked and unbanked groups to engage in the financial ecosystem. By giving them the chance to support their families, launch enterprises, fund their children’s education, and create a secure financial future.

The opportunity for digital innovation to intervene and affect beneficial social change is enormous given that more than 70% of Pakistan’s population is still unbanked.

With more than 40 million registered users, including 15+ million active mobile wallets each month. MMBL is still dedicated to boosting access to financial services and closing Pakistan’s persistent financial gaps.

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