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Ministry of IT Releases Pakistan National ICT Development White Paper

The Ministry of ITT will continue to provide a supportive atmosphere.


In order to enhance the upkeep and quality of data, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom is currently preparing a “National Data Governance Policy” that would include many data governance characteristics.

Syed Amin Ul Haque, the Federal Minister for ITT, made this statement on Tuesday during the official introduction of the “Pakistan National ICT Development White Paper.”
A draft on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology is also being worked on. He said a review report on the initiatives and plans of the Ministry of IT and its affiliated entities had been created by a worldwide IT consulting firm.

He said that the “Personal Data Protection Bill,” which would safeguard citizens’ internet data, information, and privacy, is close to being approved.

The “National Cyber Security Policy 2021” has been adopted, according to Haque, to combat occurrences involving the malicious use of information and communication technology in cyberspace, which represent a serious danger to Pakistan’s finances and security. The policy promotes the creation of an internal framework in all public and private organizations. For the security of national information systems and infrastructure, protection in all national ICT infrastructures, and protection of the cyber ecosystem, he continued.

The “Pakistan National ICT Development White Paper” is intended to identify gaps. As well as seek opinions on the requirements of the new digital era, the Minister emphasized. According to him, the government is working to increase the quality of life and financial security of its people. By making sure that high-quality, universal, accessible, cheap, and dependable ICT services are available.

Furthermore, in order to advance its Digital Pakistan goal and boost Pakistan’s ICT industry. The Ministry of ITT has implemented a number of legislative and policy initiatives during the past two years. Pakistan has introduced “The Cloud First Policy”. Enabling the public sector to provide services more transparently, quickly, and collaboratively across agencies.

According to him, the Cloud First Policy will assist in creating a standard platform. For all public sector agencies to handle and keep their data.

He said that the National Broadband Policy 2021, the Digital Pakistan Policy 2022. And the National Freelancing Facilitation Policy are all being worked on by the Ministry of ITT.

The Minister said that in order to increase visibility and openness with regard to spectrum management policies, investment, and network planning. A rolling three-year spectrum strategy has been created. According to the Federal Minister for IT, the Right of Way (ROW) Policy for the telecom industry removes a significant number of obstacles. That Telcos and internet service providers had to overcome. In order to establish, maintain, and expand their telecommunications infrastructure across the nation.

In addition, he continued by saying that a strategic plan and roadmap for 5G technology in Pakistan are being developed. While taking into consideration the following:

  • First 3G/4G Spectrum Auction in AJK/GB
  • Telecom Operators Licenses Renewal in PAK/AJK/GB Spectrum Auction
  • First Mobile Device Manufacturing Policy.

Furthermore, according to Haque, the Center for Applied Information Communication Technology (CAICT) offered to create the national ICT whitepaper. And the Ministry of ITT enthusiastically accepted. Furthermore, he continued by saying that the Ministry of ITT will continue to provide a supportive atmosphere. For the development of Pakistan’s digital ecosystem.

Mohsin Mushtaq, Additional Secretary (Incharge) Ministry of ITT, Aisha Humera Moriani, Member IT, Syed Junaid Imam, top ministry officials, chiefs of the ministry’s affiliated departments, and others were present at the ceremony.

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