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Microsoft creates ‘Digital Twin’ of workplace

Microsoft is to create the 'industrial metaverse' that will provide a digital twin of the workplace to workers.

Microsoft announced its new customer Kawasaki, to create the ‘industrial metaverse’ that will make workers wear HoloLens headsets to help with production, repairs, and managing supply chains.

HoloLens (Launched in 2016) lets wearers experience augmented reality. Which will combine Microsoft technologies like cloud computing to help workers and managers to build products more efficiently.

The company is aiming to create a “digital twin” of a workspace speeding process in factories like repairing. Because managers will be able to use the digital twin to ramp up new production.

Kawasaki joined hands with Heinz, which said it will use Microsoft industrial metaverse in ketchup factories.

Microsoft’s corporate vice president of mixed reality Jessica Hawk told CNBC in an interview that:
The industrial metaverse is a taste of what technology can accomplish today. These are real-world problems that these companies are dealing with. So, having a technology solution that can help unblock the supply chain challenge is incredibly impactful.

While Meta is already working on its upcoming mixed reality headset. Microsoft has already started selling its mixed reality technology to companies. So that developers can make their own metaverse experiences.

According to Hawk, the metaverse experience will work across a variety of devices and platforms. As a result, this means it could possibly work on 2D screens as well.

And Hawk said that we are just really excited about it’s a moment in time that is unlocking so much innovation.

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