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Metaverse in Pakistan – The Cloud City Metaverse

We're here to watch Pakistan compete for the first time against major global tech players.


The world is watching as NARSUN Studios, the largest Unreal Engine gaming studio in Pakistan, announces the launch of The Cloud City Metaverse (TCCM), the country’s first-ever METAVERSE. This represents Pakistan’s first significant step toward Web3 and a chance to attract ground-breaking business.

Unreal Engine 5, the most powerful engine, is used to create Pakistan’s first metaverse TCCM. It blends cutting-edge visuals, hyperrealistic environments, and excellent visual design with audio, lighting, animation, and other features to provide players with an immersive experience. This expands on TCCM’s offering, which is a synthesis of all things web3 and NFTs, a full metaverse with integrated economic functions, launching you into a parallel virtual world of digital identities and a blockchain-based ecosystem.

Additionally , users and players can own their own virtual land in Cloud City, erect structures and rent them out, form guilds, store NFT assets, play P2E games, and earn money for their time there. Although it will be free to play, users can choose to buy NFTs to customize and control their assets.

This is the first platform in the nation where user-generated material will be of the highest value and where users will have total control over their content. Simultaneously, TCCM is poised to become a ground-breaking technology for a wide range of industries, including fintech, education, health, construction, and many more.

We’re here to watch Pakistan compete for the first time against major global tech players.

The blockchain and game development company NARSUN Studios, which has been working in the most exciting area currently, the gamification of blockchain and NFTs, powers TCCM.Furthermore,  NARSUN has experience with play-to-win game integration, smart contract development and deployment, custom NFT marketplace development, metaverse development, wallet development, and NFT design.

Umer Abbas, the co-founder of TCCM and founder of NARSUN Studios, spoke with us about the project and said:

“I’ve been working with my team on web3 projects for a long, but it was time we also did something for our nation. We wish to increase possibilities for our nation and teach our people about the beauty of this planet. The world will see this as proof that Pakistan is not technologically illiterate despite the country’s longstanding reputation as such”.

The project has received invitations to a number of renowned events throughout the world, including the invite-only Dubai Metaverse Assembly, where TCCM shared the stage with The Sandbox and Decentraland, two of the biggest organization’s most prestigious metaverse initiatives in the world. Moreover, At TCCM’s booth at the Future Blockchain Summit at Gitex in Dubai, the Co-Founders of Sandbox also liked playing about in the metaverse.
TCCM characteristics

Engage in a digital reality that has never been possible before. In the midst of the global economic crisis, TCCM offers a cutting-edge digital environment where you can live in whatever you choose. In addition, with TCCM creation tools, you can create and own anything in this world. Visit the entertainment center at TCCM to attend or host live performances, podcasts, concerts, and other events.

Set up shop in one of TCCM’s business districts to give your company unprecedented exposure. Futhermore, You can realize any dream you have.

The co-CEO of TCCM, Mustafa Jamal Iftakhar (mJ), highlighted the impact that TCCM will have and stated:
“For a nation like Pakistan, the web3 space brings up a wealth of potential. By empowering our people, we are certain that we can use our Metaverse to advance the country”.

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