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Meet Aeo, a hospital cleaning and patrolling robot

It's about time the Aeo goes global and be seen all over the world.


Aeo can serve as security, deliver goods, disinfect using UV light, care for the aged, and more.

In the future, if you walk into a hospital and notice an extremely adorable-looking robot walking about taking pictures, cleaning the floors, and moving objects, that robot is the Aeo. Aeolus Robotics has developed a robot with heart-shaped LED eyes that can carry out various duties.

The Aero is capable of carrying out UV germicidal disinfection, item delivery, senior care, and even security duties.

Aeo can multitask because it has two arms. For example, it can move objects from one location to another while using its other hand to clean surfaces. The robot is incredibly effective thanks to its capacity to perform numerous tasks at once. This makes it ideal for settings with large labor volumes, such as offices and hospitals.

The Aeo can have exceptional vision intelligence in addition to its amazing multitasking hands. Since it can readily adjust to dark conditions, which makes it wonderful as a security guard and night nurse.

Because of its 360-degree night vision cameras, Aeo robots can detect patterns while roaming different regions, such as open windows, lost goods, and even intruders in complete darkness.

When keeping an eye on a patient, Aeo can swiftly determine whether the patient requires any medical support or assistance and alert the hospital staff. The Aoe uses two-way vocal communication to do this.

“Our goal is to produce robots that will enhance the quality of life and promote the beneficial influence robotics already have on society,” stated Alexander Huang, Global CEO of Aeolus Robotics, in reference to the Aoe robot.

The Aeo robot is currently used in numerous nations, including Japan, Hong Kong, and Taipei. It is used by a variety of different businesses, including those in the real estate, property management, and eldercare sectors.

Now that Aeolus Robotics has attained global recognition. It’s about time the Aeo goes global and be seen all over the world.

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