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Maheen Rahman unveils the key to grow any business


When it comes to emerging technology we don’t always think of women. Instead, our minds dart to computer programmers, IT gurus and software developers to bee men. However, that’s all starting to change. Women have turned their hard work and determination into thriving businesses – all thanks to a bright idea, and a helping hand from the right devices. Maheen Rehman, CEO of Alfalah GHP Investment Management, Maheen Rahman is a 39-year old bright faced, mother of three.

Maheen Rahman is considered as the one of the most successful CEO of Pakistan. With her expertise, she has paved her way in the male dominated field of work. Her untiring ability to never let the circumstances pull her down, she has not only survived in this cutthroat field for so long, she has thrived.

Key to grow any business

Maheen Rehman has talked about her journey on various platforms including tedx. She talked about how she was called by her boss and asked to lead a sinking company. Maheen has always loved taking challenges. Therefore, she accepted this challenge and took over the job of CEO of a Fund management company. She explained essential steps to follow to grow any business based on her experience.

For any business, it is important that you learn the basics of it and she started from the scratch. Therefore, she focused on operations and clients’ management. She ensured that client’s money doesn’t go in losses anymore. They were able to sustain the growth and break even in a couple of years. This was not the end goal for her. She was consistent to make this company one of the largest asset management company.

Its about increasing your brand awareness, brand recognition and brand recall. The more people will know about your brand, the more people will buy it, the more people will invest in it. But for every business, there is a plateau. At such times, companies have to take tough decisions. Maheen decided to change the shareholders; from a family business to a large enterprise.

Stretching success through expansion

Maheen expanded the business with new products and new clients. She shifted the approach made it a process dependable business. Furthermore, she developed the people within her so that when she is not around, the business will continue to grow. Maheen Rahman was able to increase market share from 2% to 8%. Growth is important but sustenance of that growth is more crucial. With changing dynamics, top companies can fleet in no time.

While the industry was shrinking during her journey, she took bold steps. She picked out the most unsophisticated, cheap and common products and revolved her entire focus around that product. Luckily, she captured the market and the company begun to grow every year.

She concluded with a message that it is important that leaders generate value and impact on people and not just money. Pakistan being a low-income country. It is the responsibility of the leaders to narrate the story to the rest of the world.

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