Apple is launching MacBook Air this year which is considered to be the most powerful MacBook of the year 2022.The upcoming MacBook Air and Pro will boast Apple’s new and improved M2 chip. The latest MacBook is redesigned to give better feel and touch with improved GUI that will facilitate the user.

Apple’s M2 chipset will be based on the A15 Bionic SoC used in iPhones. Just like the M1, it will have eight CPU cores, but the GPU will have 10 cores instead. Apple MacBook Air is the next level to innovation making MacBook most powerful Mac lineup to data.

As the name says, the M2 will be a direct successor to the M1 chip, and reports suggest that Apple is already working on the M2 Pro, M2 Max, and M2 Ultra. The M2 Ultra could be a combination of two M2 Max chips, just like the M1 Ultra. There is also word on the upcoming 13″ MacBook Pro, which is apparently codenamed J493. It may be called just the “MacBook” since Apple is expected to drop the “Pro” branding.

Apple never surpr

MacBook Air
Apple is launching MacBook air soon in 2022.

ers with innovation, quality and power providing powerful gadgets for better user experience and reliability. Apple MacBook air is expecting to blow the market in the term of powerful machinery. People are expecting to see some new features in MacBook Air. There is no recent date that has been announced regarding the launch of MacBook.

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