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M. Humair- CFO, Dawood Group, explains the objectives of Public Financial Management


The name Dawood is known to every one today and the generation owes it to elders whose dedicated efforts, sheer hard work and commitment to the cause, the cause of betterment to the country and self, placed them where they are today. Dawood companies always took initiative in making decisions to invest in the country. Preferring investment over trading in times when the word investment was not very popularly known in this country and diversifying to the vital industrial sector of engineering. Mr. Muhammad Humair is one of the light bearers in the financial industry. After completing his education, he started working at A.F Ferguson, handling both international and local clients. He has also worked with several other companies like ICAP; managing the public finances, reporting and digital transformation. Currently, he is the CFO of Dawood group for private companies.

What is wealth management?

Muhammad Humair describes Wealth Management as an activity and not a phenomenon. It starts off from a household, how we carry, spend and save money. It depicts and decides out lifestyle we want to achieve. At Dawood Group, they manage the money and finances of people and maximize it. In Pakistan, people do not support wealth management and rather consider it as a crime. However, people are changing and this is penetrating in the households.

Public Financial Management:

Muhammad Humair has studied CPFA and understands the public financial management crucially. He explains it how the local bodies of the towns in different cities get the money for their leverage. For instance, the government allocates certain amount of money for all local bodies and the public financial management suggests how and where to spend the money wisely. Pakistan is improving itself in terms of transparency and public financial management will be evident in some time.

Achievements of M. Humair

When M. Humair started chartered accountancy, he was hesitant. In Pakistan, people scare out students for CA even before getting into because of the passing ratio. It is considered to be one of the most critical and difficult study program but M. humair believed that nothing is impossible. Students should be focused on what they want for life. They should regardless go for it with untiring hard work despite of the odds.

Pakistan has great resource; employment and talent wise. We have talented and skilled individuals. However, they need to master the art of standing out. Every year companies make lucrative offers to these students, they should work on their soft and hard skills.

About TECH Pakistan:

‘What TECH Pakistan is doing, is something very wonderful and amazing’, added M. Humair. In addition, the way this forum is spreading awareness about the IT and tech industry is appreciable.

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