Home Business Lahore-based company helped to develop the world’s first AI golf caddie

Lahore-based company helped to develop the world’s first AI golf caddie


When Arccos Golf – a USA based start-up – needed help with the development of AI-based golf products, they turned to Pakistan.

Lahore-based Analytics Pvt. Ltd (APL) in partnership with Microsoft USA, helped Arccos develop the world’s first artificially intelligent golf caddie that offers golfers predictive insights to refine their game. 

Similar to a human caddie, or perhaps even more accurately, the AI Caddie recommends the optimal strategy to achieve the best score by taking into account the player skills, course features, and environmental conditions. This feature is built into Arccos’ mobile application and is extremely simple to use. The golfer simply asks the Caddie for recommendations before making a shot and 3 strategies, ranked by their probability of success, are calculated in real-time! 

APL built the Caddie using 400M+ data points of shot history, location coordinates, wind and weather conditions, elevation changes, hole geometry, hazard locations and more. In addition to this, APL developed AI-based image recognition algorithms to recognize the geographical features of 40K+ golf courses worldwide.

The Caddie has been a huge commercial success for Arccos:

  • Featured in leading global media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Forbes, and MSNBC
  • 86% of users decreased their handicap by an average of 3.8
  • Arccos ranked 3rd most innovative company in sports globally by Fast Company
  • Golf Inc. names Arccos CEO as top innovator, leader of golf’s data revolution
  • Partnerships with Cobra, TaylorMade, Ping, Microsoft and other industry leaders

A lot has been said and written about the potential of AI to transform the way we work and live. Arccos, APL, and Microsoft have proven that the hype is real, and AI can be used to fundamentally change the way we think about everyday life; in this case, bringing technology to a sport that was invented in the 15th century and has remained unchanged for many decades. 

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