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KPKITB & Udacity partners to help youth in gaining in-demand skills

Alle the in-demand skills you need to enter the lucrative IT industry!


The KPTIB and Udacity partners to initiate a fully-funded scholarship that offers Nanodegree Programs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa youth to prepare them for careers as entrepreneurs and future leaders.

The scholarships are funded by Udacity and supported by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB) in order to promote job options in the tech sector.

This programme will address the severe skills gap in the digital sector, which has an adverse effect on innovation, productivity, and growth. Together with business experts, the special material is continuously improved. The intense focus of each Udacity curriculum removes any uncertainty in choosing the best option.

Projects go well beyond step-by-step instructions, developing the critical thinking necessary for relevance in the workplace. Expert mentors provide individualised guidance to remove learning barriers and confirm total competency mastery.

The Innova Scholarships features nano degree programs in the following fields:

Digital Marketing Nanodegree

This degree helps student identify a company’s value proposition, marketing objectives and KPIs, target personas and the customer journey, marketing channels, and content strategy. Using Google Analytics, Students will also have the chance to develop more data-driven marketing insights about customers and online presence. While also having the chance to explore newly emerging marketing technologies, what they have to offer, and how you can adjust to the constantly evolving world of digital marketing in order to reimagine the future of your marketing capabilities.

Product Manager Nanodegree

This Nanodegree program is a joint effort by Google, Lyft, and AT&T. It teaches the fundamental abilities required by all product managers to oversee the creation of software products, whether they be online platforms, desktop applications, or mobile apps for individuals or businesses.
It is perfect for newcomers who want to launch a career in product management and position themselves for success when applying for jobs and succeeding in them.

Front End Developer Nanodegree

The Front End Web Developer Nanodegree program’s objective is to provide students with the specialized abilities. Abilities that they need to create and develop a wide range of websites and apps. This Nanodegree program will prepare its graduates to:

  • To create interactive websites and UI (User Interface) apps, use JavaScript and HTML.
  • To connect a web application to backend server data, use JavaScript.
  • To automate application development and deployment, use Webpack.
  • To enhance website performance when a user is offline, use Service Worker.
AI Programming with Python Nanodegree

This course focuses on the core concepts you’ll need to understand to become a practitioner of artificial intelligence. You will specifically master programming techniques and essential math for creating an AI system. Even deep learning and neural networks will be covered.

Apply right now by visiting https://kpitb.gov.pk/udacity-course-details and acquire the in-demand skills you need to enter the lucrative IT industry and become employable locally and internationally.

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