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Khushnood Aftab, CEO- Viper Teechnologies, impulses on locally made products


The entire success of a business relies on the leadership of executives.  They way they manage, develop and monitor people within their organization depicts all about their businesses. Despite of the underlying problems in our industry, our leaders are making every possible effort to take the tech forward. These leaders are focusing a lot on making technology in Pakistan so we can reduce imports. Viper technology is one of the very few local brands in Pakistan that are providing technology solution and products manufactured in Pakistan. TECH Pakistan had a chance to talk to CEO of Viper technologies; Mr. Khushnood Aftab. He talked about the importance of technology made in Pakistan.


Khushnood Aftab received his education from Saudi Arabia. After completing his education, he came back to Pakistan and started working on textile. Textile industry was going through a tough time so Mr. Aftab shifted towards IT and technology. He started working with Soft Ways technologies but due to lack of resources, they made a stride towards hardware. Mr. Faisal Sheikh, owner- Viper technologies Pvt. Ltd., founded this company in 1995. Viper was started with the motive to make it best among the local audience. They are serving the government, private, public and educational sectors by providing them high quality IT and technology products and services.

Viper has not restricted itself to any segment. However, it did start with textile industry but is currently serving everyone. Khushnood Aftab further talks about the dynamics and rapid changes in the academia. Pakistan’s education system lacks hardware solutions and Viper technologies was able to fill this gap. They believe that the focus on education sector will enable a digitally conducive environment. ‘Our students can do wonders if given the opportunity’, added Mr. Aftab.

Khushnood Aftab also focuses a lot on research and development. Pakistan has a problem of power and load shedding. To counteract this problem, the team of Viper launched a desktop computer which has a built-in Ups. The desktop will take up to 1-hour charging time and can run approximately ninety minutes without power.

The main target market of Viper technologies is B2B or corporate. Retail market of technological products in Pakistan runs highly on used or refurbished products. Viper technology sells brand new, high quality laptops to the businesses and academia.

Made in Pakistan; A strategy not a delusion

Khushnood Aftab has been one of the biggest supporters of manufacturing and creating our own products. He believes that our students have the mindset to work for others rather than innovating and creating themselves. They should focus more on identifying the gaps and creating the solutions for it. He also urges that our policy makers should make our local products available for consumption. Exports of our local products should be limited and local consumption should be increased. These products will decrease the import and thus reduce the dollar outflow. He also shows his disappointment over our media and agencies for not highlighting the technological innovations and gaps in our country. ‘The importance and limelight given to technology shows our interest towards it’, said Khushnood Aftab.

Khushnood Aftav concludes the talk by delivering a message to the upcoming generation. He urges the students to think beyond their roles and adapt technology as the only to go forward in the world. He also shows his complete support to any student who needs guidance to create or innovate.

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