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JazzCash NextGen Account – Pakistan’s First Digital Account for Teenagers


JazzCash has newly launched its ‘JazzCash NextGen Account,’ which is Pakistans first digital account for teenagers.  The digital account is for teenagers between Adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17. Through this account, teenagers can save their pocket money and make payments digitally.

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Moreover, those who use this account will be using these accounts for making online payments, QR payments, and can avail of other JazzCash services as well. The good thing about this account is that one does not need documents and it does not even require branch visits. The activation process only requires one visit to a JazzCash agent along with the guardian or parents of the person who is opening his account. Only the B-form details are required to open the account.

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“The younger generation accounts for a large share of the local population and is well-versed in technology and electronics. JazzCash is Pakistan’s No. 1 fintech, and we’re happy to offer a pre-teen banking solution that teaches financial literacy and responsibility firsthand – a critical life skill in today’s world,” said Erwan Gelebart, CEO of JazzCash.

This initiative is built on a mission that is built on existing cooperation between the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the PomPak programme. The initiative will help to create the concept of financial literacy among the young generation.

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