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Jazz Participates in National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Teams from Pink Ribbon, Shaukat Khanum, and ITTEHAD also paid visits to Jazz's offices


Jazz ran month-long programs to encourage reinforcement of preventive, regular checks, and education of the general public, including its own employees, with the goal of bringing attention to breast cancer.

One in nine women in Pakistan is at risk of receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Almost 40,000 women succumb to the disease each year; only 19,000 of these women receive a breast cancer diagnosis. Pakistan has the highest incidence of breast cancer among Asian nations.

To serve as a reminder and draw attention to this vitally important message, Jazz offices and experience centers were illuminated in pink. This was done to encourage women to undergo routine check-ups and to de-stigmatize the taboos around breast cancer.

Additionally, the business partnered with Pink Ribbon to plan statewide awareness events for every branch. They also worked with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre to launch awareness campaigns via SMS and billboards.

According to Sabahat Bokhari, Jazz’s Head of D&I, “Jazz is committed to empowering Pakistani women through the power of the internet. It is offering digital access to effective, high-quality vital healthcare services.”

“Considering that over 21,000 people still go without receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Our efforts aimed to start a dialogue about the subject. We continue to remember and pray for individuals who have passed away while battling breast cancer.

Teams from Pink Ribbon, Shaukat Khanum, and ITTEHAD also paid visits to Jazz’s offices. In order to raise awareness of the value of early breast cancer screening, de-stigmatizing the exam, and effective treatment options.

Pink Cards, which are available to Jazz employees and their family members, give females discounts of up to 50% on a variety of healthcare examinations. Including mammograms and hormone profiles, among other women-specific medical procedures.

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