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Jazz & NCOC Partner to Expedite Vaccination Campaign


The mobile operator company, Jazz, has partnered with the National Command and Operation Center to carry out a nationwide COVID-19 awareness campaign. The campaign is structured to help Pakistanis understand the importance of getting vaccinated. This decision took place after the meeting conducted between the NCOC and Jazz on the 12th of June 2021.

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Jazz will be using its services to spread awareness about the vaccine and reach out to millions of people so that they can get vaccinated. The campaign is expected to go live on all electronic mediums including print as well.

“Realizing the responsibility that falls upon us as a leading digital communications company, we will be doing all we can in spreading the important message far and wide. With clear, fact-based messaging and the right platforms, Jazz aims to reach people who are either vaccine skeptics or those who are unaware. By raising timely awareness, the national vaccination campaign can further reduce the tide of infection,” – Jazz CEO, Aamir Ibrahim.

Pakistan has managed to bring down the COVID-19 positivity ratio to 3%. This has been made possible by adherence to strict SOP measures. The involvement of private stakeholders will indeed fuel the vaccination process and help to bring down the ratio even more.

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