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Jazz Launches Onshore Cloud Platform “Garaj”

Jazz Launches an onshore cloud platform Garaj, enabling businesses to realise their full potential.


In conformity with its commitment to deliver high-quality broadband connectivity across the length and breadth of the country and making each Pakistani a digital citizen, Jazz – Pakistan’s number one 4G operator has launched Garaj, to assist enterprises to leverage technology and unleash their full business potential.

Jazz’s Data Center in Lahore and Jazz Digital Park – Pakistan’s largest TIA Rated-3 certified data center established with an investment of US$ 8 million, will be responsible for providing cloud services to businesses, public entities, academic institutions as well as local startups.

Expressing his view in this regard, Chief Business Officer Jazz, Syed Ali Naseer said that business innovation requires powerful technology solutions, and Garaj, onshore cloud, will enable a secure and affordable cloud experience as more businesses and government seek digitalization to capture efficiencies and reinvent their customer experience.

Further highlighting the significance of the current project, he said that cloud solutions will allow for much-needed cost and operational efficiencies while delivering security and improving the ease of doing work.

In contrast, cloud computing offers a more flexible and scalable solution. With a hosted private cloud, businesses are able to securely access their data anywhere as long as they have the right credentials.

When it comes to keeping pace with a rapidly changing IT sphere, cloud computing differs from traditional IT infrastructure which requires in-house server hardware, software licenses, integration capabilities, and on-ground employee support.

Garaj will help companies to cutoff additional expenses, and utilize the pay-as-you-grow pricing model, customizing and scaling plans according to their growing needs.

Jazz – the most popular telecom brand of Pakistan, is a complete eco-system for its consumers bringing Jazz Super 4G, Jazz Cash, Jazz Wi-fi Devices, and much more to facilitate consumers at every touchpoint of their lives.

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