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Jawwad Paracha makes Pakistan proud

Pakistan is blessed with talent as Mr Muhammad Jawwad Paracha making Pakistan proud with his remarkable contributions to tech sector.

Jawwad Paracha
Jawwad Paracha

Pakistan is blessed with unprecedented talent as Mr Muhammad Jawwad Paracha making Pakistan proud with his remarkable contributions to the tech sector.

It is a nation where creative flair surpasses expectations, academic records are set and broken, and Nobel prizes are won, all at a very young age.

Our youth has repeatedly demonstrated to the world that Pakistan refuses to be overlooked in any aspect, be it education, sports, IT, acting or even video games!

Pakistanis are known for their hardworking and resilience to strive for a better life. One such Pakistani is Mr. Muhammad Jawwad Paracha, Global Program Manager & Inventor at IBM, who has worked on numerous large-scale and complex programs across 179 countries.

Mr Paracha is an inventor with multiple patents and publications to his name. His inventions are in the area of AI, IoT, Blockchain and risk management.

Being a global program manager, his role is to manage client innovation centres spread across multiple countries which provide solution and support to mission-critical clients.

He has led several multi-million dollar technology projects across 179 countries and managed cross-functional project teams of subject matter experts and domain leaders to design and develop client solutions to meet business unit goals, program objectives and key results.

Jawwad is an avid cyclist, long distance runner, scuba diver and love hiking. He’s has run many national and international marathons (42.2 km/26.1 miles) including London Marathon in 2021.

IBM has recognized his invention achievement as Plateau, as few around the world have reached this milestone.


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