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Japan to Hire 1000+ IT Experts from Pakistan soon in 2022

Japan IT opening

The Japanese government has jointly decided to hire thousands of IT professionals from Pakistan in the coming years. According to the details, the Japanese government is actively looking for people who specialize in cloud computing, data sciences, programming, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Delegations from the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) formally met officials from the Ministry of Overseas and Human Resource Development and experts from the Pakistan Association of Software Houses for IT and ITES (P @ SHA) for recruitment.

In addition to degrees, young and experienced IT professionals need to learn basic Japanese to get jobs in Japan. Through JICA, the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development will also facilitate them in visa processing, and some companies may provide funds for travel and accommodation expenses of experienced professionals.

Experts say that Pakistan can export programming experts to the Japanese market as Japan lacks professionals in the field of data science and AI. He added that the Pakistani government needs to design boot camps for six months to one year in different cities and universities in collaboration with the local IT industry to work on the export of skilled manpower. However, IT professionals in Bangladesh can fill this gap.

Pakistani professionals are a priority of the Japanese government for maintaining diversity in their culture as the presence of Indian companies and professionals is already very high.

Experts say Pakistan’s exports of IT professionals could reach close to 1,000 a year, a good number in the current context, but the Pakistani market has failed to meet the demand of the Japanese IT industry, which is out of the question.

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