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ITP purchases manual car simulators for students

ITP aims to provide the students with a genuine manual car driving experience.

The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has designed a clever update for its driving school. To assist people learning to drive for the first time, the department has incorporated manual automobile driving simulations.

ITP has purchased ten individual simulators for its driving school in order to teach several students at one time. To provide the students with a genuine driving experience, the simulators include all of the accessories of a manual car.

The department feels that this accessory will benefit both the department and the students. According to the company, the simulator will assist rookie drivers to learn all of the fundamentals before they hit the road in real life.

Furthermore, the simulator will allow pupils to practice driving techniques in a safe and regulated environment that will ensure their safety. This reduces the likelihood of novice drivers becoming involved in accidents during the time when they are training. It will also address worries about the wear and tear on ITP’s automobiles, which were used as instructional tools for new drivers.

The department has built all simulators at its Faizabad office, which is in the heart of the twin cities and easily accessible.

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