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Iqbal – The Man Behind the Vision


Growing up we all celebrated Iqbal Day with great enthusiasm and high spirits – the day holds great meaning for us as it celebrates the day of our national poet Allama Iqbal. The man is not only known for his contributions in the poetic world but he is remembered as one of the people who struggled to gain Muslims of India with an independent homeland. Allama Iqbal was the man who was behind the idea of a separate homeland. The power of his words encouraged the Muslims in the Indian subcontinent to fight for their rights and a separate homeland.

Born and raised in Sialkot, Mohammad Allama Iqbal (1877-1938) was a descendant of a Kashmiri Brahmin family. He received his education in Arabic, Persia, and Urdu. In a fairly traditional society – Iqbal managed to receive a more liberal education which provided him with the exposure he needed in his writings. He began his education at a Scottish Mission School and later completed an M. A. in Philosophy. He furthered his education in the diverse field of law and completed his degree of Bar-at-Law. However, his educational career didn’t quite end there. He also earned the degree of a doctorate from Germany in The Development of Metaphysics in Persia.

Iqbal’s career was extremely diverse – it ranged from teaching philosophy to politics and even being part of the Round Table Conference (RTC).  His poetry wasn’t just limited to gaining freedom for the Muslims, he also wrote a song that celebrated Indian patriotism as a whole. Even decades after his death – Iqbal’s writings are still celebrated in both poetry and songs. He is still remembered as the man who had the vision for the creation of Pakistan and his contributions are recognized in the entire Muslim world even today.

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