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Instagram Now Allows You to Save Posts With Friends and Keep them in a Specific Location

A feature that enables users to connect with friends over common interests by saving postings in a group conversation or a private message.


Instagram introduced a bookmarking tool called “collections” back in 2017 that enables users to group their saved posts into private groups for quicker access. Instagram has now unveiled a brand-new feature that enables users to collaborate on collections with their friends.

The social media platform informed through email that it is introducing “collaborative collections,”. By saving postings in a group chat or a private message, a feature enables users to interact with peers over shared interests. In other words, you may now save content in a designated location and share them with a buddy or group of friends.

The new function can be considered as a method for Instagram to compete with Pinterest. It offers a “Group boards” feature that allows users to collaborate on the platform since 2018.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced the new feature on Wednesday in the IG Updates Channel on Instagram. “Today, when you go to save a piece of content on Feed or from your DMs, you’ll notice a new option to create a collaborative collection,” he added.

You may then give the collection a unique name and share it with your friends. Your friends can begin contributing content from reels, Explore, Feed, and DMs to the collection once they receive it.

 By enabling individuals to store postings of places they want to visit or activities they want to try while travelling to a new location For example, the functionality may be used to assist a group of friends in planning a vacation.

Perhaps you and your friends may create a shared space where you can upload articles on your shared interests, like memes, baking instructions, exercise advice.

Instagram has launched a new feature to enable users to communicate with each other on the platform. Which coincides with the release of a new way for users to interact with one another.

The business launched “Channels,” a brand-new broadcast chat feature on Instagram, last month. The function enables authors to communicate with their followers directly by sharing public, one-to-many communications. Text, photos, polls, reactions, and more are supported via channels.

In order to make it simpler for users to later reshare a reel they liked to another friend. The social network started testing a new tool earlier this month. It allows users to easily access their recently shared reels.

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