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InstaCare Won 15 Million in Karandaaz Challenge

InstaCare, healthtech startup, has won a grant of 15 Million in the Karandaaz Financial Inclusion for Women Challenge 2022.

InstaCare has won a grant of 15M in the Karandaaz Financial Inclusion for Women Challenge 2022.
As part of the Financial Inclusion of Women Challenge Round 2022 (FIWC), Karandaaz supports innovative solutions that are tailored to women’s needs and unique preferences in order to drive financial inclusion and economic empowerment for the female segment.
In a growing number of markets, digital platforms enable women to generate income by matching supply and demand and InstaCare is one such platform in Pakistan, providing female healthcare professionals with an opportunity to achieve financial independence and become part of the formal financial ecosystem.
Despite Pakistan’s healthcare having the highest percentage of female graduates in the medical field, 70% of these graduates cannot practice medicine and six out of ten are unemployed due to cultural and structural reasons, as well as the lack of financial resources to start a private practice.
The employment rate for qualified women in health care is 18%, while the employment rate for qualified men is 64%.
Women of Pakistan can bolster Pakistan’s health care system through their strength, resilience, and capability, if they are given the right resources and support.
InstaCare is a Health Tech Startup specializing in remote medical practice opportunities for female doctors in Pakistan.
It was founded by Bilal Amjad in 2018 along with Ayesha Siddiq and M Ahmad.
The problem is intended to be solved through the marketplace’s two-sided approach by offering remote medical practice opportunities through InstaCare.

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