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IBM Goes Green, Announces 21 Environment Sustainability Goals


IBM has recently announced its 21 sustainability goals program. The program pledges to achieve the company’s goal of reaching net-zero GHG emissions by the year 2030. The themes covered in the report include reduction in carbon emissions, water and waste management, reuse and recycling products, and many more.

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Moreover, the involvement of the European Green Digital Coalition will also help in the development of eco-efficient technologies. The organization is also helping the technology sector, on the whole, to adapt to more eco-friendly and environmental sustainability.

Here are some ways through which IBM will be carrying out its environmental sustainability program:

  • IBM will further improve the cooling efficiency of its data center by applying over 3000 energy conservation projects by the year 2025. The company also aims to produce 75% of its total energy consumed by renewable resources by the year 2023 and 90% by the year 2030.
  • IBM vows to reduce water withdrawal from those regions that are already water-stressed. Furthermore, the company will also reduce its paper consumption and plant more than 0f pollinator gardens by 2023 in IBM locations all over the world.
  • The company will eliminate the use of plastic from the cafeterias and increase its efforts towards pollution and waste management.
  • IBM will retain its annual certification to the ISO 14001 standard and continue conformity to ISO 50001 standard to sustain its commitment to environmental sustainability.
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