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ibex Employees to donate PKR 1 Million to Flood Relief from their Salaries

Let's all pitch in and work to reconstruct the "lost" country!


ibex, Pakistan has launched a campaign called #LetsRebuild to aid those who are now suffering from environmental and economic issues.

It has been 75 years since our ancestors founded our nation. We finally succeeded in making this place our home after a great deal of labor and suffering. No matter what, this sense of belonging would remain! At this time, our nation requires our attention due to its current status. We have no choice except to move forward and consider our options.

The duty we, as Pakistanis have as a country, is the main topic of this campaign. We are unable to celebrate because of how much has changed in the nation’s economic and climatic situations. Thus, ibex  Pakistan and its 7000+ workers promise to contribute PKR 1 million to Balochistan’s flood relief efforts.

The campaign is concentrated on the nation’s economic and environmental growth. Every employee will support this cause by making a donation of at least PKR 75 and dedicating their Independence Day festivities to a worthwhile cause. It’s wonderful to see the IT industry thriving and improving the environment. The Ibex Chief Financial Officer. Pakistan, added Syed Adnan:

“God has never changed the lifestyle of any Nation till today

Who does not think to change themselves”

– Allama Iqbal

Our nation’s 75th Independence Day is today! We need to consider what Allama Iqbal believed about our country and what Muhammad Ali Jinnah battled for. It’s time to reconsider and return with the same fervor and vigour as our forebears, who fought and gave their lives to secure our independence. The country has to be rebuilt now.

On this Independence Day, ibex is organizing a flood relief effort and will donate to people in need as a result of the flooding in Balochistan and other areas of the nation. Let’s all pitch in and work to reconstruct the “lost” country!

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